EasyClinic Health Services

Our EasyClinic service offers you convenient health advice and assistance.

Come and see our pharmacists for prevention and wellness, treatment and advice, and monitoring and management.

Getting your health check / screening at our pharmacy can help you manage and possibly prevent health conditions before they get to an unmanageable level. All you need to do is make an appointment with our staff!

Health Services

Medical Certificates

Did you know that Pharmacists can provide you with an absence from work certificate? No appointment is necessary, and the service costs just $25.

Medication Reviews

Our professional pharmacists are trained and available to review your medications, discuss side effects and look at how you are taking them for maximum efficiency. If you are taking multiple medications and you haven’t already had a Medication Review with a pharmacist, come see us today for your free appointment.

Medication Review At Home

Can’t make it into the pharmacy? That is no problem. Carolyn, is our accredited pharmacist who can visit you at home for no cost to provide a medication review service.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

We offer regular blood pressure monitoring and recording free of charge to help you keep in control of your heart health. Keeping a close eye on your blood pressure is a good way to detect changes early and take the appropriate action.

Diabetes Medication Review (MedsCheck)

This is a free diabetes specific service where our pharmacist will look at how you are currently managing your medications, check your devices and determine if there is a more efficient or easier way that will help you continue to live your life to the fullest.

Registered NDSS Agent

As a registered NDSS agent we are able to supply NDSS members with subsidised products.


Keep your scripts on file with us for your convenience. This will mean you can call ahead and we will dispense your scripts before you come into the pharmacy. Read more about our EasyScript service.

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